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Skill Development Courses
Paramedical Courses
Patient Care
We offer several courses for students to focus on their goals with the best learning strategies.
patient care courses
X-Ray Imaging Technology
DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology) is a 2-year course designed for students who want to start their careers as lab technicians.
x-ray imaging technology
diploma in patient care course
Patient Care Course
A patient care course enables students to learn about care delivery and new concepts while taking care of patients. It provides ways to serve better with the best practices and strategies.
acupuncture course
Acupuncture Courses
Our acupuncture course is suitable for students who want to apply for the best jobs in clinics with good remuneration. It enables students to master their skills in various ways.
ayurveda courses
Ayurveda Courses
The Ayurveda courses offered by our institute allow students to learn more about natural treatments through deep learning. They help students achieve their goals in their jobs.
dental hygienist course
Dental hygienists have a rewarding career, and our course lets students learn the latest practices followed in the treatment process. The course provides ways to understand more things with unique approaches.
MRD technician course
MRD technician course
A medical technician course deals with handling the medical documents of patients accurately to eliminate mistakes. It is suitable for students who want to pursue a career in hospital record management.
medical laboratory technology courses
medical laboratory technology courses
Medical laboratory technology courses enable students to improve their knowledge and skills required to work in a laboratory. They show methods to get more exposure in different areas.


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International Allied Health Council

Our placement team has tie-ups with leading hospitals and guides students to find jobs that suit their skills.

The International Allied Health Council offers diploma courses for students who want to start a bright career with high salaries. Our institute is the right destination for students to pick short-term or long-term courses based on their interests. Students who have completed 10 + 2 and are willing to apply for jobs in the medical sector can benefit more from our courses. They are ideal for those who want to start early in a medical profession and help them gain more experience and knowledge.

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International Allied Health Council is committed to helping its students to reach their goals.
Dialysis technician course
Dialysis Technician Course
Our dialysis technician course allows students to understand the techniques followed in the dialysis procedure. It trains candidates to operate machines with more efficiency.
accident and emergency technology
The accident and emergency technology course enables students to become experts while attending emergency cases within and outside the hospital.
operation theatre technician OTT
Operation Theatre Technicians
We offer an operation theatre technician course for students to prepare an operation theatre for surgery. It deals with equipment handling, working with surgeons, and other practices in detail.
Physician Assistant
The physician assistant course is ideal for students who want to provide support to senior doctors and physicians.


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